Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oops :P

Sorry for the huge time gap. I've been working on several new things, and blogging slipped to the wayside for a few weeks.

What am I working on? Well, let me tell you.

World of Warcraft. That's right, I fell into the social abyss that I always swore I wouldn't touch with a 10ft virtual pole. And you know what? I love it. Yep. LOVE it. I "took a week off work" which usually means I work when my husband isn't looking (yeah, I'm a workaholic) but this time I spent seven whole days playing WoW and playing with the baby. It was a much needed break.

I'm getting the apartment ready for a move. We found a place that's much bigger for just a tiny bit more per month, and the most awesome part of this new deal is that the hubby and I will have a HUGE new studio! Now Morrigan can run through the house and play without me chasing her down to pull paintbrushes from her tiny hands, the Living Room will be a Living Room and not do double duty as an office, studio, and music practice room (quadruple duty?) We're 3 weeks away, so there's a lot of packing, cleaning, and culling to do before the big day.

Getting ready for the web show. Web show!?! That's right! Web show. I've been playing with my new camera, and once the new studio is set up and ready to go, I'll be posting speed painting videos each time I post a new painting for sale. For those who don't know, a speed painting is a recording of hours and hours of painting sped up to just a few minutes long, so you can see the process I go through when I work. I'm addicted to watching them on YouTube, and decided I'd start posting my own once I get a good space set up.

Working on a new painting. Yay! I hope to have her done this weekend, and will post the original here to auction. Be sure to check back here to see her.

Now, off to update Etsy Reviews For folks who watch it, I'll be updating twice a week!

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Starr said...

Oooo no!! Not WoW! :D

I just came off a year of playing that game. Glad you had fun playing it. I could never get a balance going between it and the rest of my life. Totally addictive!

Nice to have you back :D