Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Shipping

Hey there folks! I'm working to raise up some money for something pretty important, so I'm running a special for the next week. Anyone who purchases between now and Thursday March 6th gets free shipping anywhere in the US! If you're out of the US I'll discount shipping, so convo me for details. I'll toss freebies in with everything too, so if you've been browsing now's the time to buy it up!

When you buy, don't follow through with the Paypal payment and I'll send you a revised invoice.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling kind of crummy

I'm feeling crummy today, not sick, just in a poor mood. I've been trying to paint all day since the small one is with her Grandma today, but haven't gotten a lot done. I think the best thing for me today is just to stop trying and take a break.

I'll make up for missing the art card a day post tomorrow (lol, I knew keeping a daily post was going to be hard for me, but I always dream big).

I think I may pull out my old Play Station and see about playing Legend of the Dragoon. I remember playing it back in Highschool, and it's a pretty awesome RPG.

Eye candy from the game:

This is Rose, also my favorite character from the game. I always seem to fall in love with the dark female in games like this, and it's never the "love interest." It's sort of aggrivating that the love interest in RPGs is always some weak dingbat type female, the strong, mysterious, interesting female is always just a side character. Oh well.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What I was working on last week

I've got three new paintings that I finished last week to share with you. I really love all of these.




If you're interested in any of the original paintings, E-mail me! They're $45 each, or you can purchase a print from the links above.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cthulhu - Art Card a Day

Something completely different from yesterday's theme, today I bring you the Great and Dread elder god, Cthulhu himself. These were a lot of fun to draw up.

You can purchase both of these cards on the Lovecraftian Creatures section of my ACEO gallery

Day 2, 363 to go!

In other news, our little ratty, Lily died this weekend, and we're watching Morticia (her cagemate) to make sure that whatever was wrong with her isn't catching. I think that Tish is going to be okay though, and we're going to be looking for another companion for her. Lily was an albino feeder rat, not even a year old. She got sick very quickly, and passed on quickly too. It was really sad, I hate losing pets.

I spent a good deal of the day working on things online, sketching up new art cards, and playing with my baby. She's figured out that peek-a-boo is a fun game. I'm trying to come up with a good list of ACEO themes, so I can keep mixing it up and also build on all of the themes over time. I'm happy to take suggestions!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Geisha - Art Card a Day

I've started a new project that I hope to keep up for the next 365 days. Every day for the next year I'll be posting anywhere between one and three original collectable art cards (ACEOs or ATCs). I'll be posting links here daily, so be sure to check in to see what's new. All of these will be posted to a new section of my website, which will be slowly growing over time. I'll still be keeping my prints, bookmarks, and other goodies like that inmy Etsy store, but all of my original paintings will be heading over to my website. Each day will have a theme, and I'll be adding to all of the theme galleries over the year.

I'm starting off my Art Card a Day project with three beautiful Geisha girls. To purchase any of these art cards, check out the Geisha Gallery

Art Cards are small pieces of art the size of collectable trading cards, which measure 2.5x3.5. They can be originals or reproductions (all of mine are originals). ACEOs are highly collectable and tradeable.

For more information on artist trading cards, read more here

Day 1, 364 to go!

It's official!

I've been holding on to this news for a few days (though it threatened to make me explode with anticipation). I got verification yesterday that I will most definately be selling in the Artist Alley at A-Kon in Dallas. This is big news for me, since I'm just starting to do shows. For everyone heading to A-Kon, be sure to come by and say hello! I'll be sitting at my table for at least 12 hours a day.

I've got a lot of work to get done before then, so I better get off to it! I've got a new post for everyone tonight, so be sure to check back!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

*Comes up for breath*

I've been so busy recently! I found a vinyl cutter and should have it in a week or two, so I'm very excited about that. Now I'm looking for a good button press. Finished another painting today. Once I get a moment to breathe I'll post prints of the newer ones up.

Got news that I may be at a pretty huge convention. I'll be sure to let folks know if it works out, in the meantime I won't say more than that.

Sister in law's wedding is this weekend, so I'll probably be scarce until Sunday. Monday will bring several new paintings, and the beginning of my Year of Artcards project! Wee!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cleaning House

I was flipping through my portfolio and realized I was still holding on to the originals to all of the Zodiac paintings I’ve done so far! I’m not listing them on my Etsy shop, since my originals travel with me to shows, but I will offer them up here for anyone who’s interested.

They are painted on 90lb 8.5"x11" watercolor paper, but were painted to be matted and framed down to an 8x10. If you’re using a mat, I would suggest an 11"x14" frame, otherwise you can cut it down to fit right into an 8x10.

Each painting is $200. I will frame it for you for an additional $60, I use all acid free framing materials. Just E-mail me at to snag one of these beautiful original paintings for yourself! They would make a great birthday gift for a friend too. Shipping for the paintings will be $10 in the US. Let me know if you're out of the states and I'll calculate shipping. Also, if we frame I'll need to calculate shipping for you.

Signs available:




And Capricorn

To purchase prints, or read the symbolisim behind each painting, visit the Zodiac Prints section of my Etsy Store

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a day

I've gotten a great deal of painting done today. Two new 5x7s that I've really fallen in love with, one that I'm sort of attached to already. I'm taking them to the show this weekend, and if they don't sell, I'll list them on Etsy. Either way, there will probably be prints available too.

I'm working on another new project - I'm trying to really get myself into being productive with painting, so I've set myself a goal of painting 3 ACEOs a day as well as working on larger paintings. My goal is to list 3 a day for the next year. It's a pretty big goal, but I hope that it will help us raise money for some important things (like paying off hospital bills!)

In short, next week will mean tons of new artwork!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Going to get some work done!

Tomorrow, my mother in law is taking Morrigan for the day, and I'm going to have the house all to myself for 8 hours. I'm going to get SO MUCH painting done, I'm so excited! This also means I'm taking the day away from the computer, so that I can completely focus on my work. I'm looking at doing one new ink wash, one small fairy painting, and several new ACEOs. I've definately got a full plate, but I'm looking forward to what I can get done.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


In the middle of all of the hectic stuff that's been going on recently, I've managed to get these four really cool paintings finished. I've spent every spare minute over the past week working on them, and I'm really happy with the way they've turned out.

These four new paintings are classified as Original Small Works of Art, or OSWOA™, and measure 4x6. These are the original watercolor illustrations, and will be signed and packaged in clear bags with a heavy acid free backing, and shipped to you in a heavy cardboard mailer. Shipping in the US is $6 and includes delivery confirmation and insurance.

Masquerade I


4"x6" Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper

Masquerade II


4"x6" Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper

Masquerade III


4"x6" Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper

Masquerade IV


4"x6" Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper

Thank you for looking!

Original paintings

I don't tend to list original paintings in my Etsy shop for several reasons, and have been trying to get my website built so that I can keep them all up there. In the meantime, I think I'm going to start listing original paintings for sale here in my blog.

You'll still be able to buy all of my other stuff in my Etsy store (prints, bookmarks, stickers, etc...) but I'll be working on listing all of my originals here over the next few weeks. I'll have a link where you will be able to find them all easily without having to search through the whole blog, and "buy it now" type buttons so that you can safely purchase through paypal.

I just finished four new paintings that I'll have up here tonight!

*edit* I tried all that mess out with paypal buttons, and it doesn't seem that blogger likes the code. So, I just listed them up on Etsy, and will get on the hubby to hurry and get the website put together so I don't have to mess with it any more!

Friday, February 15, 2008

One day, you will be mine

Oh Roland Stika, why are you so elusive?

I've been looking for a reasonably priced, used Roland Stika SX8 for months now, and the *one* I found on E-bay was bought out from under me before I could click the buy it now button. I was so excited, and then completely devastated :P

One day... one day that Stika will be mine, and I will be a vinyl cutting goddess.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Conventions are hard work

I spent several years in College working a Sci Fi Convention, as general help, Guest Relations, and then Director, and one thing is for sure, it's a LOT of work. I didn't realize how much work goes into getting ready for a convention as an artist though.

I'm really looking forward to Con DFW. I've almost got everything put together. Eventually I'll have time to get new artwork done, but the next six weeks will be crazy, so I'm afraid it's going to be sparse until the second half of March. I have four small ones I'm working on that I hope to finish soon. There's also a very large custom piece I'm working on that I may offer prints of.

Looking forward to a nice Valentines night with the hubby. He's due home in an hour, and the small one has made a huge mess of herself. I suppose I should start getting ready!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My other projects

I'm going to make an effort to blog here more often, and not just when I've got new artwork to share.

I've got a few other blog projects that I'm always working on. You can find links to all of them under my icon to the left. Almost all of my other blogs depend on the input of folks just like you!

Postcard Poetry
Postcard Poetry is my newest baby. At this point, there are no submissions posted (because it's brand new!) but the idea is to have anonymous artists, photographers and writers submit postcard sized artwork with poetry incorporated in the art. I'm really excited about this idea, and hope to have some new submissions to include.

Dark DIY
Dark DIY is where I compile gothy or alternative themed DIY tutorials that I find from around the web. All tutorials are used with permission from the original authors, and link to the original author's personal website when it's available. Right now there are lots of clothing and hair tutorials, but I'd love to include accessories, home decor, and other things like that.

Etsy Reviews
Etsy Reviews features an Etsy store every few days. I do an interview with the store owner, and write and article that gives a more in depth look at the artists behind their beautiful creations.

Now, on top of all four of these blogs I have to make sure to keep time to paint! I'm working on four small paintings right now that I fall more and more in love with every day I work on them. I hope to be able to share them with everyone soon!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Been busy!

I've been really busy recently. I'm trying to finish a large custom painting to ship out next week. For those in the DFW area, I'll have original art and prints available at the ConDFW art show Feb 22-24th. Unfortunately, I wont be there personally. My sister in law is getting married that weekend!

I've been blogging a lot recently. I've got two other blogs that I try to update often, and eventually I'll figure out a schedule so that I can keep up with everything. I'll put links up in the side bar for easy access.

I'm going to be working on some new Art Cards this week, so I should have new stuff to post next week.