Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thy Raven Wings - New Painting!

My new painting is finally finished and listed on Etsy! It's been so long since I've been able to finish anything, since life has dished me up a good deal of crazy these past few months. This was something I started the other day in an attempt to get back on track, and I was so entranced by the image that started to develop under my hands that I felt completely revitalized. I think I'm finally getting my art mojo back ;)

This painting is available through my Etsy shop as an 8x10 print. The original is also available unframed for $300 OBO. It's inkwash and watercolor on watercolor paper. (The original measures 9x12).

Check it out!


Athena's Armoury said...

Amazing as always!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's beautiful!

TinkerWare said...

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Tiddly Inks said...

This is very lovely... :)

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Love the new painting, LOVE your work!