Saturday, March 7, 2009


Life is about to get a bit crazy for me over the next few weeks, so you may see very little of me. I'm going to Galveston to plan more of my wedding, and to celebrate my munchkin's second birthday! I'm so excited :D I'll also be working on some of my wedding crafts over the week, and I'll post links to tutorials and share photos once things are finished.

The 26th-29th of this month I'll be at Aggiecon. I wont be wandering around this year, so I'll be easy to corner (sorry again for those who missed me when I was there last year!) I'll have a table in the Dealer's room selling my vinyl decals, so if you purchase a print in the art show (no originals this year, I'm traveling light) or if you already have one and you'd like me to sign it for you, bring it by my booth! Also, if you've seen one of my paintings and would like the original, send me an Email at and we'll work out a price, and I'll bring it to the show for you.

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