Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coloring books

As everyone who's visited my page recently has no doubt noticed, I've got a poll over in the right hand collumn that everyone's wellcome to take part in. I have been playing around with making some coloring books for grown ups for awhile, and I thought A-Kon would be a great place to carry some. I will be doing work on all of those over time, but I'm looking for the ones that have more draw to put out first. I really think that when I introduce my cute little witches people are going to go nuts (I love them so much) but for the time being I started sketching out some fairy tales, since that is what's ahead.

Right now I'm working on the most common fairy tales, though I may do another set down the road that's a bit darker and more of a Grimm's take on things.

Basically, each coloring "book" is going to consist of 5 detailed 8x10 lineart drawings. They will be printed on the same 8.5x11 heavy bristol vellum that I do my line drawings on, since it's a beautiful smooth paper to work on. They'll be packaged together in a resealable plastic bag (like you find comic books in) with an acid free card board backing. I decided not to bind them so they're easy to pull out and work on one at a time, and can be framed without any hassle.

I've got the sketches for four of the five Fairy Tale pages mostly finished. Tomorrow I'll work on the last, and start refining them, and transfer them to nicer paper to be inked. The first package will be Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Rappunzel. The way I've drawn them is really very neat, since each page tells quite a bit about the story. There is a focal 5x7 image that shows one of the most memorable moments in the story (oddly, I chose scenes that are all at a moment of change, something I didn't notice until now) then around the central image is a wide boarder that will be filled with other symbols that you'll find in each story. Two of the drawings are heavily influenced by two paintings I did over a year ago that I never did much with. I've gone back and redrawn them and really like the way they're going. I think we're all going to have a blast coloring these together!

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Noelle Doodle said...

I'm glad you're doing this. I'm really into coloring right now..especially fuzzy posters.