Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What a week!

After Aggiecon (which was a lot of fun by the way) I decided that I needed a week off before I got to work for my next convention (and last for the year). I spent the week playing with Morrigan, and setting up my new shop. Yeah, I know that's still working, but it was something that needed to be done.

I'm now offering custom cut vinyl decals. I've got two on my car now, one for each of my shops, and have already started to get a response. I'm doing custom decals for one band, and a few small groups. I'd love to take on several more large jobs, and as many small jobs as you guys can throw at me:


In the meantime, I'm back in the studio. This week I'll be working on coloring book pages for a fantasy themed coloring book meant for grown ups. It will be rated G, but there will be a lot of detail, and it will be printed on nice paper, meant for relaxing and coloring by adults. I love to color still, and I know there have to be others out there like me.

It's good to be back, and I'll be posting regularly for awhile now!


julie king said...

i checked out your shop and hearted it. very nice decals. good luck with the custom work and the coloring book pages. my daughter, granddaughter and i all love to color together. so i am here to testify to being an adult colorer as well.

MadeByAmanda said...

In college I had an awesome "Elves, Gnomes, and Little People" coloring book (from Dover, I think). It was a great stress reliever, and I had a 50 pack of colored pencils just for that.

So I think your idea is awesome.

sandritocat said...

I like your idea. I have a six year old who always tears me a page out to color while he's coloring and to tell you the truth, I love to color and i always hope he picks he out a good one. If I had my own coloring book, I could color mine and him his.

Up from the Ashes said...

I vote for fairy tales!
I hope your con went well!

Anonymous said...

I've been making adult coloring books for my friends for many years! Some of mine are titled "My Birthday", "My Divorce", "Meet my ex-wife", "Meet my ex-husband" and "Pick Up Lines that Don't Work."
My friends expect them but they are fun to make. It took me a while to come up with an affordable way to bind them. Now I have that figured out so it's more economical. We are never too old to color!!

woolies said...

I might need a coloring book for my father in law. !!!
will you let me know when they are listed in your shop?

Jessica said...

heading over to your store to check out those decals :) sounds like a brilliant idea!