Friday, May 2, 2008


I spent today printing, cutting, pressing, bagging, and labeling BUTTONS!! Yep, pin back buttons. I love them! They turned out beautifully. I'm exhausted though, I made hundreds of the buggers.

So, what's next? MIRRORS! Yay! My supplies should be coming in on Tuesday and I'll get to work on it all. So, when will you see them? Well, if you're coming to A-Kon, you'll see oodles of them on my table. If not, it will probably be some time in June before you'll see them popping up in my shop, unless I magically finish everything I need to get done this month in the next week or two :P I need to figure out how to make a light box so I can photograph all of them.

Now, I'm exhausted. Off to bed!

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