Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back from the land of the dead

Last week I made the six hour drive to Galveston with my (nearly) two year old daughter to visit my family. It was a lovely visit, spent some time with my Dad and my sister and brother in law, and some time at my Mom and Stepdad's ranch, and ended with a huge party on Valentine's day for my Stepdad's birthday.

I took all of my equipment with me, as usual, so I could keep up with orders as they came in. I sat down one day to cut vinyl decals, and was greeted with the icy stare of the dread Blue Screen of Death. After several hours on the phone with what was probably the nicest and most helpful tech support agent I've ever had the chance to speak to, we determined that my hard drive was fried. I freaked. The day was then spent running across town to Frys to pick up a case for my hard drive, then an hour out to a friend's house who luckily had the driver to my decal cutter installed on his laptop from A-Kon last year. I was incredibly relieved to find out that the only corrupt files on my computer were in my boot menu, and all of my images, files, and the like were untouched.

The next day, Dell delivered my replacement hard drive, and after many hours of moving files, reinstalling drivers and programs, and catching up with orders that were placed after the untimely demise of my computer, I'm finally back in business. I'm incredibly happy that I opted for the big full blown warantee.

So, I missed the last day of my own giveaway. How sad is that? No problem though, I'm happy to announce that the winner was Eric! Thanks to everyone who participated.


Athena's Armoury said...

What an ordeal! That warranty just paid for itself. I bet you're relieved it's all okay now.

Sarita said...

Oh man, that is the worst. feeling. ever. I recently got an external harddrive to back all of my stuff up for that very reason.

What a mess to have to deal with, but at least you've been able to save all of your important work!