Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have never taken formal art classes, so pretty much everything that I know is self taught. There are a few places I feel I'm lacking because of this, but there are a lot of places I feel I've been able to play and experiment and develop in ways that people who begin as instructed artists don't get. David has been taking a watercolor class this semester, and I've been gleaning tips and tricks off of him as he learns. This is the first time he's ever worked with watercolor, so everything he does is being pretty heavily dictated by the professor. At times it's frustrating for him, but I can see where doing structured projects is helping him develop skills he's going to need when working on completed pieces.

All of this has me thinking about where my weaknesses lie, and what I can do to work on them. I think I'm going to spend some time after completing my daughter's portrait working on my own skills. Like usual, I'll be doing research online, as well as studying other artists for clues to their process, then working on some emulated pieces of my own design. We'll see how it goes!

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Little-Z said...

wonderful to read this - I'm in quite the same situation; almost everything I know is self taught and I also develop by reading books, view online info and look at the work of others. However, I sometimes follow some water paint courses and I think it's very valuable because it forces you to work different than you would normally do. There are also some good techniques to learn (especially water paint as it’s a rather hard medium to learn well). So I think I like both sides of the coin :)