Monday, February 25, 2008

Geisha - Art Card a Day

I've started a new project that I hope to keep up for the next 365 days. Every day for the next year I'll be posting anywhere between one and three original collectable art cards (ACEOs or ATCs). I'll be posting links here daily, so be sure to check in to see what's new. All of these will be posted to a new section of my website, which will be slowly growing over time. I'll still be keeping my prints, bookmarks, and other goodies like that inmy Etsy store, but all of my original paintings will be heading over to my website. Each day will have a theme, and I'll be adding to all of the theme galleries over the year.

I'm starting off my Art Card a Day project with three beautiful Geisha girls. To purchase any of these art cards, check out the Geisha Gallery

Art Cards are small pieces of art the size of collectable trading cards, which measure 2.5x3.5. They can be originals or reproductions (all of mine are originals). ACEOs are highly collectable and tradeable.

For more information on artist trading cards, read more here

Day 1, 364 to go!

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Octavine Illustration said...

what a find. these are so pretty.