Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm home!

I spent the last week down near Galveston helping my family get ready for my little sister's wedding. We got a great deal done, took Kitty to choose her wedding dress, bought all the stuff for table centerpieces, and my Mom and I sat for two days making all of the favors. I'll probably end up writing a good deal of Associated Content articles inspired by our adventures in wedding work.

My baby girl Morrigan had her first birthday Friday, and celebrated on Saturday with her GG (Great Grandma) who had her 73rd birthday. It was really special for me to have the two of them celebrate together.

I'll be spending the next two weeks getting ready for AggieCon, then I'm going to focus on some different projects. I'll be getting ready for A-Kon, then I think I'll take a break from shows for a few months while I concentrate on catching up with my stuff online and work on art projects I want to advance. I'd like to finish the Zodiac, work on more Victoria pieces, open up three new product lines, and possibly start a book illustration project. I've also got to work on Kitty's wedding invitations, Morrigan's scrap book, and in a few months I'll be working on Kitty's wedding scrapbook as well.

Busy busy!

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