Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh the things I do...

So, I was working on a really large painting last night, and I have absolutely loathed working on this painting, so I was seething while I painted. It was a good idea when I started, a really large scene with a pretty Celtic woman and a pack of wolves, but I didn't lay the painting out very well. I didn't realize when I did my first sketch, and it didn't become evident until I put the painting down for a month and picked it back up to finish it. There is one really beautifully composed section, with the woman holding a wolf cub, and a wolfy companion. The other half of the painting just looked tacked on, and I kept working on it hoping that it would come around and start feeling like a valid addition to the painting, but to put it crudely it just felt like I was polishing a turd. So, I called up the guy that expressed an interest in buying the painting, and told him what I was thinking. "You're the artist!" he replied, and I jumped up and attacked it with an Exacto knife. Cut the 22x28 into a 16x20, and I absolutely love it. I began to work on it again with returned vigor, and it felt so good! It turned from something I was dreading handing to someone to something I'm going to be really proud of. I had to cut out one of my favorite parts of the painting, but the overall image is so much better.

In other news, I've been featured in another Etsyans blog! You can read my feature and check out her other writing here:


Anonymous said...

"in other news" Lucky you! being featured is so flattering, I got your convo about promo basket I'm not home myself til Mar.23
Love your blog, stop by mine anytime.

Scott Bulger Photography said...

Seriously, sometimes "less" really is "more".