Monday, March 3, 2008

Lots of new things

I've got two new paintings that I'll be posting tomorrow. They're really beautiful, and I'm very happy with them both.

I've also been working on plans for new products. I finally bought that Roland vinyl cutter, so I'll have vinyl decals of some of my drawings for the back window of your car. I'm also working on making some tote bags, and each one will be completely unique. Last project I'm working on are polymer and resin pendants of my artwork, so they can be used as pendants or keychains.

I'm hoping to have a really productive week. I've already fallen behind on my ACEO a day, so I'm going to just work on doing as many as I can. I was afraid when I started it that it would be too much to do with everything else, but at least I'm always busy!

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